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When You Should Hire A Graphic Designer

Anytime you are looking for a logo design or marketing material for your business, a creative expert is worth every penny. Your logo and branding dictates the look and feel of your business, often times designed to target your audience and promote your niche.

Sure, you could go on a crowd-sourcing site such as Fiverr or Upwork and put in a bid for a logo design, but I can guarantee you the quality of work may not be as great (especially when you are literally paying $5 for a logo). You could also purchase a pre-designed logo from a stock image site, but it may not fit your branding needs nor will you be able to customize to your style.

A good graphic designer will know the best way to communicate your branding through print and web. Graphic designers will also take the time to research what competitors in your niche are doing and come up with a unique approach to your logo design and branding, allowing you to stand out. Not to mention, they will create your design in the appropriate software and ensure the artwork is print and web ready.

Save Yourself Time and Energy

When running your own business, you already wear multiple hats: bookkeeper, customer service, supervisor, communications coordinator, public relations, social media manager and so on. Do you really have the time and energy to sit down, learn new software, and create a logo from scratch or design a brochure with zero experience? A graphic designer generally knows the best software, has press-ready templates, and can provide creative expertise when starting on a new project.

Save Your Budget

Graphic designers have knowledge of best printing practices and cost effective ways to save you money at the print shop. If you decide to design a logo in Microsoft Powerpoint (cringe) and submit that file to a printer, they will charge you some serious dough to reformat the design in a print-friendly software. Save the money, hire a graphic designer, and get print-ready files done the right way.

Stand Out

Again, you can buy pre-designed logos and templates online or download cookie-cutter looks from stock images sites, but will that really help you stand out amongst your competitors? Think of the brands you buy or places you shop at. Do they ever utilize stock images or generic logos to get their message and branding across to customers? Having a distinct brand and a logo customers will remember is the best way to hit the ground running with your business.

Consistency is Key

Have you ever tried to recreate the look and feel of a design? It is hard work! It takes great knowledge in color, fonts, typography, patterns, you name it! Maintaining a consistent look and design throughout your brand and marketing materials captures your business’ brand and makes it unique and memorable.

Get Results You Want

You have spend a few days or weeks envisioning what you want your logo or brand to look like. You have some sketches on scraps of paper or even dabbled in some software, trying to convey your ideas. You just don’t have it exactly how you want it or creativity is not your forte. A graphic designer will sit down with you and discuss your ideas and help you achieve your goals you set forth when it comes to your own brand and style.

Make a lasting impression with your logo and branding. Set your business up for success and with the proper logo and print material. Save yourself the headache of learning a new software or design practices. Most graphic designers are willing to work with your budget and offer advice on print materials and what options are best for your business.

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