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The Undying Business Card

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

"Speaking is the all important first impression. Your business card is the lasting impression."

- unknown

I have been off the radar a little bit concerning this blog…but hey, I am not in the writing business…yet :)

As I have previously stated before, Bertsch Designs is not my full time job. I work full time at a local college bookstore managing their e-commerce website, social media, and marketing.

Today, I was doing a lot of website work when a graduate student popped in for some help. Well liked by the staff at the bookstore, this student asked if he could get business cards printed at the store for personal use when at a conference. 

Unfortunately, the bookstore I am employed with does not do print work. However, the store director knew this student well enough that he asked if I would come up with something simple and print it on pre-made business cards we carry in stock.  

I was happy to help the graduate student out and he was impressed with some of the staff business cards I created.  After getting something whipped up for him, we printed the cards and he left happy as a clam and grateful that the store director could do him a favor.

I always hear about how print is dying and web is the way of the world. Yes, majority of consumer media consumption is from cellphones or tablets. BUT, to me, nothing will every completely beat print. The fact that this student at at STEM college still felt it was necessary to have a business card shows that old school print never dies. 

Not only does a business card introduce yourself and your company, but it stays with that new contact…it is TANGIBLE INFORMATION! I will not remember your name in five minutes if I am at an event or networking convention unless I have something to take with me and can refer back to later (I remember faces, not names).

I am more likely to follow up with someone if I receive a business card. I have all the information I need on this neat little print piece that is easy to grab and call. I like to keep contacts on hand.  Sure, I will add the business card info to my phone so I have it on the go, but I will also keep that business card...you never know when Y2K may strike and zap our technology lol. 

Plus, if someone offered me a great product or service, I can easily refer another person with a business card...much faster then messing with my phone searching for a contact (try searching your phone contact list while talking on the same phone...see? not fast or fun). Besides, writing a name and number on a piece of scratch paper for someone is not the best way to make introductions now is it?

I hear others say they do not like business cards (another thing to carry or they don’t keep them) but I do not foresee them ever going away. Majority of offices I visit have a display of them at their front desk or hand them out if you are a new client/customer. I have been to an event before where my friend was asked for a business card for her housekeeping services and I popped one out of my handbag for her!

It is a functional piece of print media that helps any business grow by creating introductions and referrals to new and existing clients.  Even if you feel a brochure or letterhead is a waste, at the very least, you should have a business card.

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