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Hello Freelancing World!

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

I have decided to take the plunge and start up my freelance graphic design! I am excited, scared, and happy all at the same time (exarpy?)! I have been on the fence about this decision for at least a year now but this year, I decided it felt like the right time in my life to start focusing on my skills and artwork. I will still be working full time for my current employer and hustling on the side as much as I can.

I am still a pup in the design world (currently, over 3.5 years experience) but I have done numerous projects, print and digital, in my short career and hope to add on to my skills as I progress through my new journey.

Anymore, companies are in budget crunches, which usually means the art department is the first to get scrapped. More and more, graphic design is becoming a freelancing gig, allow for companies to hire as needed and creating more entrepreneurial opportunities for artists. Which is a big reason as to why I decided to start up...where I live, design jobs are not easily found...they are made.

Even though I did not go to art school, and yes I do get some critism for that, I feel I can deliver excellent design work based upon my work experience and portfolio. I am more of a self-taught designer. I did take design classes in college and have worked, and currently work, in graphic design and marketing positions. In my off time, I do like to nerd out with Photoshop and Illustrator and browse the internet for ideas and inspiration.

Feel free to look around my website and keep checking back for updates on this blog. I do not know what this new journey will bring for me but I am looking foward to it! If you are interested in hiring me, setup a consultation today!

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