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My Break-Up with Netflix

Last year, I decided it was time to get ambitious and establish Bertsch Designs. I told myself I wanted to do what I love and also work for myself. I was tired of working for companies that held me back from reaching my potential. I knew I could manage a business of my own.

At the end of January 2017, I registered my business with the state, started a website and Facebook page. I was feeling good. I started content marketing and doing what I thought I needed to do while working full time.

When I was not getting clients or leads in the first month, I started to get disheartened and found comfort in Netflix. Instead of trying to engage clients, I would get cozy on my couch and scroll through Netflix!

At work, I would think of what I could be doing instead of being stuck there all day. If I was having a bad day, I’d say to myself, “When I get home, I’m going to take care of some tasks around the house then focus on freelancing.”

Nope...by the end of the work day, I was brain dead. I’d go home, do some cleaning, work out, then...binge Netflix. Really!!! I got wrapped up in a habit I used to do growing up; sit in front of the TV and watch all day.

Then in April 2017, I decided to test for my personal trainer certification. This required me to study for most of the summer. I told myself once again that I needed to cut back the Netflix. I even considered canceling my plan so I could avoid the distraction entirely.

After passing my exam in October, I tried to find a part time position as a personal trainer to gain experience. Of course, in the Midwest, job opportunities are limiting. I decided to go on my own and launched Train with Kendra in Spring 2018.

And yet again, I did the same thing as before...I wasn’t getting results fast enough and gave up, going back to Netflix.

I decided to go for another certification in April 2018 for health coaching. What I learned from my studies changed my thinking on my bad habit. With health coaching, it is about teaching clients how to engage in a healthy mindset and choices. It is about choosing a good, beneficial habit over a bad, unhealthy habit. This takes time since people establish bad habits when young and feel comfortable with those habits.

A habit doesn’t change overnight. Studies claim in takes about 30+ days of repetition to create a habit. It can also take less than a week to break a good habit.

I started reflecting on my bad habit of Netflix and how my decision was affecting my goals and dreams. I knew it wasn’t good for me but I kept on going home and turning on that TV and binge watch for hours at a time. Finally I had to put my foot down. I told myself, “ENOUGH! What are you accomplishing by wasting your time watching shows that you have either seen a million times before or don’t care for but continue to watch anyway?”. I was upset with myself and how much time I had wasted couch surfing with Netflix.

I started writing task lists that needed to be done before I could consider touching the remote. I started focusing on my exercise and started a group class in the city park once a week in the summer. I started researching new ideas that I could put in place with my two business ideas.

Not only did this help me cut back my Netflix time but also my time on social media. It gave me more time to read books and learn something new from YouTube and Skillshare. It gave me more time with my exercise programs and got my big butt off the couch. It even gave me time to start this blog back up that I ignored for over a year.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. To this day I continue to battle my break up with Netflix. It likes to call my name on the weekends when I’m exhausted from the work week. I strive to engage my mind on other matters and projects: go outside for a walk, work out, read a book or meditate.

The key is moderation and patience. The goal: limit bad habits and slowly replace them with something better.

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