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I Want to Help the "Underdog"

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

I know my blog posts have been all about me but, I feel it is important to introduce myself and explain my goals when it comes to this website and blog.

Just like most people I know, I have always wanted a career where I am helpful to others or have a sense of purpose.  We are not all meant to change the world but small things can make a big difference.  

My dream job, once I received my Bachelor’s, was working for a major magazine or tourism department creating the layouts and graphics.  I thought that would be the best job ever…and why not…I would work on design all day and potentially work one-on-one with clients.  But, unless I worked for like the ASPCA or another major organization that had a cause, I realized I did not see a lot of purpose for it. It is hard to explain…even if only one person saw the magazine and it made difference, I most likely would not hear about that. I can’t see results if I am sitting in a major companies basement designing all day.  And, I learned in my job experience, I actually have a hard time designing for 8+ hours solid….just isn’t my thing to sit and pump out artwork all day. Of course I could do that as a starter job but I knew it could not be a forever gig for me. I came to the conclusion that I needed to not only design, but see the results and see the good that came out of it.

As I have said before, I was on the fence about going legit with my freelancing for at least a year or two. I was not sure if I could handle the hustle. Then last year, I had a couple of friends approach me regarding some design work for a couple of projects: one being a fundraiser and another for a local Salvation Army toy shop. We worked through the details and both my friends were pleased with the design work I did in such a short time and with minimal changes. The fundraiser was successful and my friend was able to raise a lot of money for a good cause. The Salvation Army loved the graphic on the first shot and used it to promote the kid’s toy shop during the holidays, when children need holiday cheer the most.

After those two projects, I started to mull things over in my mind.  I started watching other inspiring graphic artists on YouTube and I noticed how they could design something for little businesses and big business, but they always felt best when they designed for the little guy. I thought that was such an awesome concept: design logos, brands, and advertisements for the small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and dreams, and in turn, helping the graphic designer achieve their own goals and dreams.

So, to the point of this long blog, I decided to go legit with my freelancing to help the under dog, the small business owner with budgets to maintain and a shop to keep. It does not matter if you are a sole proprietor working out of your house like me, or a shop owner with any merchandise or food you can think of….ANYBODY AND ANYTHING!  I want small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed. You only have one shot at life and if your dream is to own a business doing something you love to wake up to in the mornings, then I want you to have that. 

I also want to collaborate with other local entrepreneurs and business owners to give small business owners the resources to succeed.  If you have a project that requires extensive photography, videography, or writing, I want to be able to reach out to others with that particular knowledge and skill base to make it happen. You are in turn, help another local entrepreneur achieve their dreams and goals as well….the cycle continues. I want to be able to provide references and network with other aspiring designers, photographers, videographers, writers, and anybody else with an advertising background to provide only the best.

So that pretty much sums up my freelancing goals. I want to be helpful to others with my graphic design skills and give them the opportunity to achieve their own goals and dreams. I am not saying I wouldn’t work for a big business, but I will definitely give priority to the small business owners. Small businesses are just as important, maybe even more important, then the big businesses that are crippling the under dogs. 

If you have any need for a logo, branding, print advertising, or any other graphic design services, do not hesitate to contact me. I want you to succeed in your business. 

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